From the standard air compressor valve to the complex gas sector valve, we can supply all manufacturers own types. 
We also supply specialist stainless steel units. We offer an overhaul service if you require.

The compressor airend is the main component of the screw type compressor. The days of replacing these expensive units are gone. The majority of airends can be rebearinged and reworked, thus saving in some cases thousands of pounds. 

Whether it be filters for your compressor or ring main and dryer we can supply all the manufacturers filters. Filters are the most common pirated parts purchased. They may look the same as the original spec but may differ. This could lead to blockage problems and may end up with the end user having excessive energy costs.

The majority of piston rings are produced in cast iron. We can supply different grades of cast iron for machines with specialised liners. The carbon piston ring and and carbon packing can be supplied with a standard grade or if you are having high temperature problems we can supply a higher specification of carbon to resolve the heat problem.