We can produce service kits for all the leading compressor 
manufacturers. If you are doing a 2000hr, 4000hr or 8000hr, we will put together all parts required for the service. This will leave your engineer with one box and peace of mind everything will be there. Nothing could be simpler, one part number gets all the parts for your service. 

This is another large pirate area. Wear parts all very expensive and as such they have become a prime target for the pirates. Quality must never be compromised. The O.E.M. specifies how long the service intervals will be for their machines. Their parts will last this long; pirate wear parts can cause unnecessary downtime, up your maintenance cost and shorten the life of your compressor because they are not manufactured to the high spec of the O.E.M part. You can not tell by looking at these parts, which is genuine and which is pirate, but you may find out and this will cost your company a lot.

Do you trust your supplier? Why? How do pirate suppliers stay in business? More to the point where is their market?

The pirate manufacturer has and always will target Air Compressor Distributors. Why them? Distributors can install pirate parts in 
service work because they are the ones that are looking after your  machine. They can supply pirate parts for you to supply to your own  customers and engineers. Distributors will supply you with a L.O.C. 
This is not worth the paper it is written on. Ask them to supply you with a Declaration of Conformance and Authenticity, stating these are the O.E.M. parts.