At SS Marine, we constantly strive to locate and supply a full inventory of air compressors and associated equipment. To this end, we are pleased to add AIR WINCHES to our range of supported equipment. 

Please download the winch brochure, which includes am Air Winch Selection Guide:

Winches.pdf (PDF format - 3Mb)

Contact us now to discuss your requirements. 

Why choose an air winch?
  • Air winches are simple, rugged,
    reliable sources of enormous lifting
    and pulling power for their weight.
  • Air motors cannot burn out; they can
    be stalled all day without damage,
    making air winches ideal for
    tensioning applications, such
    as holding a barge in place. And
    when air motors are stalled, they
    use no air!
  • Air winches have exceptional load
    “spotting” ability.
  • Speed control is variable from a slow
    creep to full speed.
  • Air winches are well-suited for
    applications in hot, cold, dusty, dirty,
    explosive and wet conditions. They
    pose no electric shock hazard,
    require no special enclosures, and
    there are no high-pressure hydraulic
    lines to leak.
  • Air winches have an unlimited
    duty cycle.
  • Air winches can be easily reeved for
    increased capacity.
  • Air winches are easy to service,
    maintain, and repair.